Jennifer Calise, a founding partner of fishbat media, an NYC based digital marketing firm, proves pathways to success can be lined with nearly unbelievable tales of personal and professional tragedy and triumph.

From building companies while living in a pediatric oncology unit as her 5-year-old son was treated for lymphoma to helping fund startups as she processed her own international adoptions for children with medical needs – the lines of determination, drive and ambition intertwine to become a story all women can relate to and call on to RISE in their careers.

Her 20+ years in marketing and capital advisory spans multiple industries across the world- ranging from 5 man start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. As a mother of 6 children and present-day entrepreneur in the city that never sleeps (because frankly neither does she!) –Jennifer writes, blogs and speaks to share to her story to motivate women to believe in themselves and the bravery within all of us that is the hallmark of womanhood – and foundation for great success.